Capsule Hotel Bed are one of a kind on the market. Based on the classic designs of the past but brought up to date with intelligently designed, modular design and world class construction. Nature proof with durable constuction and canvas.

“Interior features”

light – design – Loft – textile

Bring your Capsule Bed closer to home, with luxury and features from home comforts. Spacious, fully equipped holiday accomodation with a sense of style.

  • Fully equipped accommodation units with classic design and maximum level of comfort.
  • Fully equipped bathroom with shower, toilet and washbasin and electrical water heater.
  • Environmentally friendly materials used.
  • Integrated touch screen central control panel.
  • Intelligent led multifunction capsule space number with integrated installations and LED lighting.
  • Comfortable bed.

Product Description

light – design – Loft – textile

General ABS material; Environmentally friendly materials .Non-toxic and tasteless .Anti-Oxidation. ChiMei brand by Taiwan Horizontal capsule: size (mm) Capsule external: (excluding ladders ) L:2060mm * W:1140mm * H:2400mm Capsule external:(including ladder ) L:2060mm * W:1440mm * H:2400mm Capsule internal:L:1940mm * W:950mm * H:1100mm

where it can be used

  • Regular hotel upgrading ,such like youth hostel, backpacking hostels (backpacker hostels), inn, family hotel, mordern express hotel, micro hotel and Theme hotel.
  • City with high rate of population movements.
  • Company with rest room.
  • Company with night shift and dormitory.
  • Military camp and army section.
  • Rest area of long-distance transportation ,such like high speed rail,ship and airplane.


unique interior design

“Environmentally Friendly Panel Assembly Capsule Beds with Excellent Functionality and Cost Performance”

― Heat Insulation ―

To be prepared for the off chance that there is a fire, the materials are fire-resistant or incombustible. In order to prevent fires from spreading among capsule beds, the curtains and rolling screens at the entrance of capsule beds have also been flame-proofed.

― Durability ―

The beds are sturdy and scratch-resistant, as they are made of aluminum and steel. The anodized aluminum finish prevents deterioration by oxidizing and protecting the surface of the aluminum materials.

― Sound Insulation ―

Sounds from neighboring capsule beds are absorbed by the cushioning materials within the panels, as well as the mattresses and futons. Users can sleep comfortably without worrying about ambient noise.

Interior design of the Hotel Capsule

The guest room is a chamber roughly the length and width of a single bed, with sufficient height for a hotel guest to crawl in and sit up on the bed. The chamber walls made of a rigid material. Amenities within the room include a small television, air conditioning, an electronic console, and power sockets. The capsules are stacked side-by-side, two units high, with steps or ladders providing access to the second level rooms, similar to bunk beds. The open end of the capsule can be closed with a curtain or a solid door for privacy, but can be locked from the inside only.

The box in the upper left foreground is the TV, which is controlled via the panel in the left background. This panel also controls the light and the air conditioning. On the right wall is a mirror and the air conditioning inlet in the top corner.

“Glamping Gallery”

unique interior design

Contemporary Safari tents with our unique interior design, offering a unique and comfortable glamping experience. Stylish, fully equipped glamping accommodation with a choice of layouts, furniture or even custom interior design.

Product Details

  • Integrated touch screen central control panel
  • Intelligent led multifunction capsule space number
  • Powder fire extinguisher
  • LCD TV
  • Safety and stainless steel handle
  • Security sliding door
  • Ergonmic non-slip ladder

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L X W x h
  • Size- 2.60×1.14×2.40m
  • Height 2.75 m / 8 ft
  • 1 Entry Door
  • Mattress & Bedding
450000 +GST

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