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Fear of the jungle while campking is now over

Many people like to go for long outings and campking with their family, and some travel alone. This is the best time because they are free from all the other work and stress and can now relax for a few days and spend time with their family and friends. People do many things to relieve stress, and Glampeco tents manufacturer in India is on the top.


Things you need to consider before buying a jungle tent:
Things you need to consider before buying a jungle tent:

In India, many people like to go on adventurous trips, so they visit the jungle where they can camp and spend time. Jungles are always dangerous for many reasons, but still, peoples choose them to spend time there. 


Why are Jungles in India dangerous for ordinary people?


Being a normal human being, you are not trained for the situations you might have to face while campking in a jungle, but still, people prefer to do so with the help of locals or even taking the help of some experts for a few days. Here are a few things that people face during campking in a jungle.


●      Wild Animals: Wild animals are the most common and dangerous thing that someone can face in a jungle. There are a lot of different kinds of animals in the jungle, and you will never want to meet any of them when you go camping with your family and friends. Wild animals can be hazardous sometimes and can harm you while campking. 


●      The weather of the jungle: A jungle does not have particular weather; it depends on where the Studio Tent is situated and the season. But campking in the jungle during the rainy season is very dangerous and can be annoying for many people because of the slippery areas and mud. Rain also makes a lot of other small insects come out, and they can also cause you problems. So it is always advised before going campaigning, you need to check the weather forecast first, and it is better to avoid the rainy season. 


These two are the main reasons why it can be dangerous for someone with no campking experience. But there are many other reasons that can affect you and irritate your relaxing days.


Solution for all the problems


There are many solutions that people will give you, but they are all temporary and will cause you problems in the future. So, to be future-ready and to make your camping relaxing, you need something that can protect you from all these problems, and the best solution is a jungle tent. For this, you need the best Jungle Tent manufacturer in India to provide you with the best quality tent at an affordable price. 


Fear of the jungle while campking is now over
glampeco tents manufacturer in india


Searching for a Jungle Tent manufacturer in India is not an easy task, and you need to keep a lot of things in mind before buying a jungle tent because it might be one of the most crucial decisions of your camping life. Investing money in buying a tent is not for everyone because camping is something everyone can not do regularly, but they do it once in a while to make themselves happy. So, buying a jungle tent can be necessary if you want to be comfortable on your camping trip and chill.


Things you need to consider before buying a jungle tent:


●      The material used by the manufacturer: The material used for making the tent is significant because it decides whether the jungle tent will survive in all the weather without getting damaged. The tent should be made of stainless steel to protect it from rainwater rust. Rain is widespread in the jungles, so make sure that the tent’s cloth is water resistant to protect the people from rain; also, the fabric needs to be multi-layered to maintain the temperature of the tent. The best jungle tent manufacturer in India can only take care of all these things.

●      Warranty on the jungle tent: A lot of manufacturers provide warranty on jungle tents, but you need to make sure that you get decent years of warranty on such products, and you will get more warranty from the best ones only. Choose the proper jungle tent manufacturer in India, so you do not regret buying the tent.

●      Affordable rate: Tents can be costly sometimes because there are many other things that the manufacturers claim that they are providing and you will need in the future. But you only need the essential tools and equipment to set up the tent, and the rest is to make your stay in the tent more comfortable and easy. Buying a tent can affect the budget if you belong to the middle-class group. But this is a one-time investment you can make if you plan some exciting jungle campking trips.


So the above things are very important if you are planning to buy a tent for campking.

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One Of The Best Glamping Tent Manufacturer in India-Campking

One Of The Best Glamping Tent Manufacturer in India-Campking

People can enjoy many things, but the best ways are the outing trips that everyone goes on with their family and friends and even solo. Just leaving the busy lanes and hectic city life for a few days is something everyone deserves. But not many can go on such trips for many reasons like lack of time, partner, distance, and many personal reasons. Outings are something that not only makes you relax and tension-free for a few days but also helps you to recover from all the negative things happening in your day-to-day life without you knowing.

Basic things that one needs for an outing trip:

There are many things that one has to carry when going on a trip, and they also need to consider where they are going because it helps them to identify what kind of things they need for the trip.

  •     A Medical Kit: You can forget an extra bottle of water, but you should never ignore a medical kit because things always do not go as planned, and you always need a backup plan. So, carrying a medical kit will always benefit you in all circumstances.
  •     Emergency Lights: Lights are very important when going on a trip because you have to be in dark places and need to make sure that you have something you can use for lighting. Especially in the jungles and mountainous regions where the terrain is unpredictable, you always have to look where you are stepping.
  •     Food and Water: The most basic necessity for anyone is food and water; without that, survival becomes almost impossible if you are a beginner, and nobody wants such situations where you have no food and water because you go on trips to relax, not to have another tension.
  •     Toolkit: There are a lot of places where you will need a proper tool kit because whenever you go to a place, you need to set up where you can stay, and for that, you need some tools for different purposes.
  •     Tent: One of the most important things, when you are going on any trip, is a tent because you cannot spend a night in the sky without knowing about the area where you are staying. Even when you go to a place where the weather is unknown, you must always carry a tent to set it up easily and quickly.

Glamping Tents in India-

Talking about tents, there are many types of tents that one can buy from Glamping tent manufacturer in India and use whenever they go out for trips and other purposes. Glamping tents are a type used by many people when they go trekking and camping in different places. People also use the glamping tents in their various free places outside the house or at their farmhouse to enjoy the night under a tent and take the experience home. Glamping tents are becoming famous in recent times because of the interest of people in camping and other outdoor activities.

Glamping Tent manufacturer in India

Manufacturing a tent is not an easy task; when you are in India, you must face many other difficulties as well. But leaving all the odds behind, we have come a long way to provide our services and products to our customers in India. This has made us the largest manufacturer of luxury tents in India; even after massive competition in the Indian market, we can sustain ourselves because of all the love and support shown by the people.

Making the best and the most luxurious tents everyone can afford and can be used for any purpose is a whole different level. Still, Glamping tent manufacturer in India provides one of the best collections of glamping tents for everyone. Even the glamping tents are of different types. Dome tents, Studio tents, Sky Lodge, Larva tents, Timba tents, and many others.

What makes us different from others?

There are a lot of things that make us different from others, and some of them are as follows:

  •     Materials: The most important thing that completely differentiates us from the others is the materials we use to make the tents. We use the best quality stainless steel to protect the tent from all the weather, and the cloth is multi-layered to keep the inside temperature-controlled and make it water resistant.
  •     Easy contact: You can easily contact us through our website, email, and even at our number. We are always ready to explain to you about the tents and how they are helpful for you when you are going for any outing. You can contact us and get all your queries resolved within minutes.

So, the above information is enough to get the best and very much affordable glamping tent for yourself.

Why Glamping is the Best

Why Glamping is the Best Way to Travel

Being green doesn’t have to mean giving up luxury. Many properties and destinations offer all the luxuries you want, while still being mindful and respectful of nature and their communities. As such, they have taken great precautions to minimize the physical, social, behavioral, and psychological impacts of being where they are.

As a traveler, adopt sustainable practices such as using cloth bags, reducing single use plastic, eating locally grown food, and using your trip to learn about the local flora and fauna.

Eco Glamping in Peru

Peru Eco Camp is a sustainable camping experience. The site uses solar energy, natural water sources, and has an organic garden. Their goal is to create as little environmental impact as possible. Your stay will be in one of their fully insulated eco domes. This resort also uses local, fresh, and organic food in all their meals. Your stay also includes guided hikes around Machu Picchu, a bucket-list destination.

Mexican Jungle Hideaway

Akumal Natura is an eco resort set in the tropical jungle of Quintana Roo, Mexico. This property is committed to caring for and protecting the local fauna and flora, and the natural cenote which is perfect for a refreshing swim. Here you’ll stay in a thatched roof bungalow with cloth walls. In addition, Akumal Natura has a rescue that works to protect and rescue/rehab over 22 species of animals in the area. This resort lets you relax and rejuvenate yet also learn about the local plants and wildlife.

Nicaraguan Tree Experience

TreeCasa Resort in Nicaragua focuses on sustainability, community, wellness and exploration all in one. It’s everything you’re looking for in an green travel, glamping trip. They balance their commitment to supporting the local ecosystem while also offering guests a relaxing luxury trip full of adventure, yoga, and farm-to-table food. If you are looking for a truly inspiring eco-minded vacation, TreeCasa is a top pick.

So, if you’re looking for an eco-minded trip, it doesn’t get much better than glamping, with endless options ranging from intimate and simple to luxurious and glamorous.


Adventures for Couples

    Romantic Adventures for Couples

It’s that time of year, post Christmas and New Year’s, when you might just be craving a romantic getaway with your significant other. Maybe you want something a little out of the ordinary for this time of year. Somewhere that’s not just a nice hotel where it feels generic and overdone. We have some great options for some super romantic, super natural, super beautiful glamping locations for that perfect romantic escape. 

Now you may be asking yourself, “Are they crazy? Tent? In Winter?” Hear us out, though. Snuggling with your loved one next to your own fire pit. Cuddling under a heated blanket, with a hot water bottle to keep you warm on top of your luxury plush mattress. While a tent seems like an unlikely choice this time of year, reconsider. Ventana Big Sur has you covered for the cool nights post hikes and spending time in the surrounding redwoods. There is also access to the full resort, which includes on-site dining, a spa, and relaxing Japanese hot bath.  

Dunton Hot Springs is a former ghost town-turned-resort.

Dunton Hot Springs is an all-inclusive converted ghost town of cabins in the perfect wintery getaway. Not only do you have these delicious cozy wood cabins, but also the actual hot springs. Keep warm with several different options for the hot springs, including a private dip for the springs inside your own cabin in the Well House. During the day check out the mountains, go snowshoeing, head to the spa, or just explore. Then, nestle up by a fire in the evening with your honey. If you don’t want to leave your furry family member at home, some cabins allow pets. 

Arizona’s Cozy Peach has an offbeat vibe.

Looking for something a little kooky, vintage, and sweet? The Cozy Peach has 9 different remodeled vintage airstreams and trailers to choose from. Maybe you’re trying to get away from the snow for a romantic weekend. If so, you’ll love the Arizona weather here as well as the vintage bikes you can rent to explore the property and have a romantic picnic lunch. If you’d rather stay indoors, these trailers come with flat screen tvs and lots of cozy spaces to snuggle the time away. 

Romantic Getaway for Two

And off we went. Alone. My husband and I. On a few days’ break and escape from the crazy world. Why just the two of us? Because the children are suddenly grown up and of course it is no longer “cool” to go to holidays with your mother and father. Well, this is completely normal in a family development, is it not? We said, “If your life gives you lemons, make a lemonade.” You know this solution, right?

So, we did not make a fuss, but packed some clothes, two towels, and a sunscreen, and drove towards the sea. As during those old times of the first joint interwoven thoughts, words, and actions. Or, simply: as in the time when we first fell in love. At the time when a palm held a palm and understood the heart and the head, when words where not necessary. At a time when my thought was hugging his thought. And vice-versa.

Our holiday destination was Adria mobile home, in a beautiful environment just a few meters from the sea. It was really a couple of days like from a postcard. Peace in the environment, peace in the soul. Dinner for two on a luxurious terrace of the holiday home, with everything that creates a romantic atmosphere: a candle on the table, fragrant sticks, two glasses of chilled wine, some slices of cheese, Dalmatian prosciutto, and some juicy olives. All this was topped up with a conversation.

It was a nice conversational inventory of our family life, with retrospective, fragments of outstanding events, and a look into the future. And a lot of swimming and exploring the surroundings on a bicycle during the day, often along the trails, “fenced” with lavender. And accompanied by … tireless singing cicadas.

In such a place, at such a time and place, you realize that life is valuable and that you have to step off the everyday racing train every now and then, disconnect technical devices, and eliminate any disruptions that poison us at every turn.

It was only a few days, but still enough for the mental wellness, which we supported with morning runs and afternoon cycling. And, of course, conversation, which is the best therapy for interpersonal relationships. With a conversation that connects, enriches, relaxes, and promises many more such romantic days.

Launching a Glamping Resort

Launching a Glamping Resort Checklist (Part 2)

We have created a short checklist for you to follow!

Plan Attractions for Your Guests

You may think it is too early to plan the attractions but as a matter of fact they will be a part of your budget. Moreover, if you decide to get a loan for your resort, you will be more credible having everything well planned.

Select the attractions that fit your location. If you decide to open a glamping resort at the lake, think of providing canoes, pedaloes or SUPs. If you wish to have a yoga geodome think about yoga mats and blocks. If you are located at the suburbs you may want to have bikes available for your guests. Surprise your guests with pottery classes or cooking classes. Use your imagination and you will see the results in number of bookings.

Glamping Resort Checklist

Launching a Glamping Resort Checklist (part 1)

If you are planning to start a glamping business you should remember about some important bullet points. We have created a short checklist for you to follow.


Choose an Attractive Spot

First thing you need to do is to find a proper location for your glamping site. You need to take a few aspects under consideration. First of all, it must be a place that people want to visit. Remember that your guests will seek for a getaway. Remote locations are the most popular nowadays. Your guest will seek the contact with nature, changing the city lights to star lights.

What you should seek for?

Forests, farms, waterfronts, edges and villages might be a good idea.

Plan Your Business

Even though planning is something that takes time and might be troublesome it is definitely worth the hassle. At the beginning, think about financing and set your budget. If you are not investing your cash you may want to consider a finance lease, hire purchase, a bank loan, a commercial loan or maybe a family funding. Check all pros and cons, compare offers and calculate costs.

Set a date when you want to open your resort. It will keep you motivated if you have a deadline of your actions. The opening date should not be the only date you plan. It will be too distant what can negatively influence your work. Set milestones as they will keep you motivated, for example ordering glamping domes, launching your website, starting the Instagram profile, designing the interior, etc.

Select an Accommodation Type

Calculate the Return on Investment. If you select Glamping Domes their cost will be much lower than regular pods, for example the wooden ones. Geodomes are also easier and quicker to set up.

What does it mean?

That you will be able to launch your resort at lower cost and faster. Consequently, you will start earning money faster. Moreover, geodomes are the type of accommodation that is peaking nowadays. Why? They are less expensive yet more luxury than other types of glamping accommodation.

Just take a look at the growing trend of glamping domes. All the business reports already state that this trend is going to continue in 2021/22.

Get a Planning Permission

This is probably the most frequently asked question: “Do I need a planning permit to set up a glamping dome?”

The answer is: “It depends.”

In each country the procedures look differently, so you should always consult local authorities. In the UK, you probably will not need it if you are planning to set up a glamping dome in your own garden, for a private use. In Poland, you will only need to have a construction notification in such case.

However, if you are planning a glamping resort, you need to go through the procedures. You will need a property plan, a site plan, a drainage plan and information about the geodesic domes (their size and technical specification).

Remember that if you need to attach any documentation to your application, FDomes Glamping Sales Team will be happy to assist you, providing the documents that might be useful.

Glamping in Cold Climates

When you plan to launch a glamping resort, one of the first questions that pop up in your mind is how to make the dome an all-year solution. Therefore, we have prepared a list of elements you should consider when purchasing FDomes Glamping, either for your personal use or business purposes. We have divided the essential accessories we offer into two groups – for cold and hot climates. In this blog post, let’s focus on the first group. Enjoy!

Feel the atmosphere

Imagine a winter wonderland – an incredible natural landscape covered in snow and you watching it through a huge bay window in a heated dome drinking a hot beverage. Sounds magical, right?

Traditional camping is mainly associated with the warmer season, but glamping can be enjoyed all year long even Above The Arctic Circle!

Do you wonder what is needed to change the regular geodesic dome into a winter dome? In this article, you can find the essential accessories that retain heat inside the FDomes Glamping and add a little touch to the interior design. Additionally, all of them are useful during The Summer Season.

Insulation liner

The insulation system keeps warmth inside the geodesic dome on cold days. It also acts as a vapour barrier, preventing moisture from building up inside the dome.

Selecting the proper insulation type is crucial to keep thermal comfort inside the dome. We offer two types of insulation: Standard Alum-Air Insulation and Insulation+.

The Standard Insulation Liner is made of fibre-free, non-allergic and non-irritant material with a tailored canvass headliner for enhanced appearance. A breathable, multi-foil insulation layer with descriptional lining provides efficient thermal insulation in every condition whilst being very thin and adaptable at the same time.

The Standard Alum-Air Insulation is recommended down to -15°C. However, if your FDomes Glamping stands in temperatures below -15 ° C, we recommend adding Insulation+. The additional insulation layer goes underneath the standard one and helps maintain the desired interior temperature on cold days. This option is equivalent to 13cm of styrofoam!

The primary purpose of the insulation is to retain heat, but it will also make the interior feel cosier. You can choose insulation in one of the three available colours: khaki, ecru and light grey.

Cosy heat (stove and chimney)


The wood-burning stove with a specially adjusted chimney makes the dome interior pleasant and warm, creating a unique glamping atmosphere that you can enjoy all year round. It is arranged with a ceramic combustion chamber and a steel base plate so that no hot elements stand too close to the dome wall and are isolated from the flooring.


If you wish to use your own designer stove, you can select the chimney only. The chimney comes in an elegant anthracite colour that complements every insulation shade. The insulated chimney arrives with a laser-cut steel collar Mounted In One Of The Three Porthole Windows. It prevents unwanted heat transfers towards the membrane and waterproofs the opening.  

Skylodge Adventure Suites

If you’ve ever wanted to sleep suspended high up from a cliff in a transparent pod, look no further. Tucked away in the Sacred Valley of Peru and just a couple hours drive away from Cusco, this one-of-a-kind experience will take you cliffside above the Urubamba River.


Chances are you’ve seen this unique hotel somewhere on Facebook, Instagram or Buzzfeed if you enjoy perusing unique travel experiences. I can’t remember the exact platform on which I first saw this hotel, but just a quick video of the world’s first-ever “hanging lodge,” and I was immediately sold. My husband and I decided if we were ever going to Peru, we simply HAD to do this.

So let’s be honest—the experience is not cheap. We paid something like $445 USD per person, plus $85 USD for the photo package. But let’s break down what it includes:

  • Pickup in Cusco
  • Transportation to Urubamba’s Sacred Valley
  • A quick Via Ferrata lesson
  • Gear/equipment to climb 400 meters up the mountain
  • A delicious multi-course dinner, complete with wine
  • Overnight stay
  • Breakfast with coffee
  • Ziplining down the mountain
  • Transportation to wherever you’re going next (most people get driven back to Cusco, but we asked to be transported to the Ollantaytambo train station as we were continuing on to Machu Picchu)

And as far as the photo package is concerned, it’s 100% worth the splurge. Our photographer, Diego, would speedily climb past us and hang off of cliffs to get the photos of us. It’s worth capturing the memories for this once-in-a-lifetime experience, and also a lot safer than (and not nearly as stressful as) trying to take photographs yourself!


There are only three pods (each can hold 2-4 people), so reservations naturally run out quickly for this experience. We booked our sky pod six months in advance of our Peru trip, and already we snagged the last available slots! Each pod has beds, solar-powered lights, a bathroom (with a “dry toilet” system) and a 300 degree view of the valley below.

We got picked up in Cusco’s San Blas district around 2:00pm, and transported to the Sacred Valley. After a quick review of how to do Via Ferrata and getting fitted into our harnesses, we were on our way, climbing up the mountain. Random buses filled with tourists would occasionally stop below us to watch us climb, shouting at us and cheering us on.

At the 300 meter point (almost 1,000 feet!), we hit a suspension “bridge” of tightrope wires. We were told to walk across—and to push AWAY from the wall (toward nothingness) as we crossed the rope. Okay, no big deal. I reached up for the wires and made a comment about possibly being too short. One of our guides then proceeded to tell us that a 6-year-old did this, so we were fine. Alrighty then.

It’s hard to get to sleep here, not because it’s uncomfortable (the bed was sooo soft), but because sleep almost feels like a waste of time. Here we were, lying in a bed far above the ground and surrounded by incredible views of the valley below—what were we doing sleeping?! In hindsight, I definitely would’ve set an alarm to wake up more than an hour before breakfast so we could sit on our little patio with the pillows/blankets they provided for us and taken in the breathtaking views.

We ate our breakfast at 7:00am, which was complete with coffee, juice, eggs, granola, fruit, yogurt and luncheon meats/cheese. We then headed back to our individual pods to pack up and take some final photos in the room.

Diego, the photographer, was hanging off the side of a cliff with his camera and snapping shots from the outside looking in at us in the pod. We had a blast during this 20-minute photoshoot, and it definitely wasn’t something we could have done on our own!!!

Eco-Friendly Dome Tents

Eco-Friendly Dome Tents For Forest Resort

Geodesic Dome Tents for Forest Eco Resort

There is a tendency that more and more people spend their holidays breathing fresh air and getting close to green nature in forest resorts. So it is important for your forest resort to create a remarkable, unforgettable, one-of-a-kind eco destination with unique guest accommodations. And can be an asset to your resort business.

Glitzcamp provided 2 sets of dia.7m geodesic dome igloos for one of our clients, who wanted to build a Now this dome resort has become a famous tourist attraction in the local area.

Secluded in the forests of France, this incredible dome tent house is fully-equipped, making it the perfect spot for a relaxing respite. this luxury dome hotel can accommodate two guests comfortably for an amazing glamping getaway.

In the middle of the tent is a large comfortable king-size bed, while a sleek private bathroom is hidden behind the partition wall. Inside, the dome suite features a sitting area and a romantic fireplace, making it usable as year-round accommodation. Coming with a huge clear bay window, these dome tents allow guests to savor the forest views and the starry sky under the geodome.

In this project, our other 7m geodome tent is designed as a family tent for 3-4 people. For the same size, how can another dome achieve greater capacity? What are the similarities and differences between them? If you want to know, click Stunning Glamping Dome House For Forest Eco Retreat to find out.