Launching a Glamping Resort Checklist (part 1)

If you are planning to start a glamping business you should remember about some important bullet points. We have created a short checklist for you to follow.


Choose an Attractive Spot

First thing you need to do is to find a proper location for your glamping site. You need to take a few aspects under consideration. First of all, it must be a place that people want to visit. Remember that your guests will seek for a getaway. Remote locations are the most popular nowadays. Your guest will seek the contact with nature, changing the city lights to star lights.

What you should seek for?

Forests, farms, waterfronts, edges and villages might be a good idea.

Plan Your Business

Even though planning is something that takes time and might be troublesome it is definitely worth the hassle. At the beginning, think about financing and set your budget. If you are not investing your cash you may want to consider a finance lease, hire purchase, a bank loan, a commercial loan or maybe a family funding. Check all pros and cons, compare offers and calculate costs.

Set a date when you want to open your resort. It will keep you motivated if you have a deadline of your actions. The opening date should not be the only date you plan. It will be too distant what can negatively influence your work. Set milestones as they will keep you motivated, for example ordering glamping domes, launching your website, starting the Instagram profile, designing the interior, etc.

Select an Accommodation Type

Calculate the Return on Investment. If you select Glamping Domes their cost will be much lower than regular pods, for example the wooden ones. Geodomes are also easier and quicker to set up.

What does it mean?

That you will be able to launch your resort at lower cost and faster. Consequently, you will start earning money faster. Moreover, geodomes are the type of accommodation that is peaking nowadays. Why? They are less expensive yet more luxury than other types of glamping accommodation.

Just take a look at the growing trend of glamping domes. All the business reports already state that this trend is going to continue in 2021/22.

Get a Planning Permission

This is probably the most frequently asked question: “Do I need a planning permit to set up a glamping dome?”

The answer is: “It depends.”

In each country the procedures look differently, so you should always consult local authorities. In the UK, you probably will not need it if you are planning to set up a glamping dome in your own garden, for a private use. In Poland, you will only need to have a construction notification in such case.

However, if you are planning a glamping resort, you need to go through the procedures. You will need a property plan, a site plan, a drainage plan and information about the geodesic domes (their size and technical specification).

Remember that if you need to attach any documentation to your application, FDomes Glamping Sales Team will be happy to assist you, providing the documents that might be useful.

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