What is glamping? Part 1

GLAMPING – a word that arose a little over a decade ago and has experienced its boom in the last four years. Of course, this has also resulted in a lot of wrong or, rather, superficial interpretations of this word, as well as improper uses in terms of substance and concept.

This word is all too often used (misused) for marketing purposes, so it’s worth being cautious when a particular destination uses the term glamping when addressing its potential guests.

Glamping is most often understood as a way of vacationing or short breaks which are becoming more and more sought after and desired. At first glance, we find it absolutely relevant that it is glamorous camping because the word is made up of these two words, but genuine glamping is something completely different.

Most often, “glamping” is offered as a somewhat different, we could also say stylishly designed or reworked tent, yurt, tree house, igloo, retro caravan, Volkswagen van, barrel, and we could keep naming more.

Of course, each of these accommodation units or holiday units can contain some glamour that can be conjured up with details and location, but unfortunately, the main components that justify or better represent the foundation and the basis of glamping are missing.

Guests to Olimia are also granted free access to a nearby waterpark and are given unlimited bathing time at a partner wellness spa.

Near to the culturally rich town of Maribor in Slovenia’s wine region, Chateau Ramsak is situated on a beautiful vineyard. Guests can enjoy endless samples of homemade wine in their countryside mansion where they claim to have the oldest wine press in Europe.

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