Early spring morning

During the observation of this morning chaos, I’m thinking about statistics: I count cars and I’m thinking about how many drive daily along this road, how many toxic fumes go into the air and our lungs. “Back to nature,” I think. This idea is additionally supported by a radio ad, in which the client invites for a complete holiday comfort in a large hotel complex with 700 rooms, 5 swimming pools, with concrete tennis courts.


We sit at a family lunch. The children came from school, we and my husband have already completed work responsibilities. Hurray! We have overcome all obstacles, including roads, and have done all of our “duties” so far. But only for that day, which was one of the few when we did not have more “flying” from activity to activity to do.

The husband begins to talk about an interesting topic we all love at lunch. “March is already here. We will have to start thinking about summer vacation. Does anyone have a suggestion on where to go this year? First, we coordinate the location: the sea, the mountains, a lake … Then also the way of vacation: hotel, tent, apartment … “

“Back to nature,” the statement comes flying out of me quicker than any of the other three can say anything. Thereby, I see in front of my eyes the metal column from the morning, wrapped into smog and soaked in stench. All three look at me and wait for me to continue. So I begin to explain to them and list reasons, why it would be ideal: peace, quiet, the noise of car motors will be replaced by a singing competition of the cicadas, and the crowds on a kilometre long beach or racing to get recliners by the chair, by the natural shade under a pine, with a towel on a bed of wonderfully smelling pine needles …


We will go out together for animation and evening entertainment for the guests here and there, but mostly we will replace them with social games, conversation, laughter … This way we will strengthen family ties, get to know each other, strengthen general communication skills, learn about dreams, ideas and weave relationships.

We will replace the virtual world with technological tools for here and now. For the reality from which, once we are again trapped in the metal crowd on the road, the race for time, chasing of quotas in the office, and the hustle and bustle of school hallways, get the strength and will to not only survive, but to live.


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