Today there is a demand for all those romantics, nature lovers and urban escapists who cannot find in the campsites what they are looking for. The solution is in the “glamping”. Most people are attracted to nature and we are overwhelmed by an extraordinary landscape or a unique place. However, not all of us are prepared to enjoy it without a certain level of comfort, or to spend time preparing the campsite with all the preparations that this entails.

“What is glamping and how is it different from camping? “

Glamping, also known as “glamorous camping” (glamorous camping), offers a luxurious experience in nature with the comfort of a 5-star hotel. Actually, glamping has a lot to do with camping, it’s about eliminating your discomforts and making it more comfortable. But that’s not all, glamping is not only about spending time in nature but also enjoying facilities and services that offer unique experiences in nature with an associated luxury that eliminates all the inconveniences of traditional camping. The glamping redefines the campsite to offer an unforgettable experience that respects the environment and a high level of quality. For this reason, it is also known as “boutique camping”, with all the advantages that camping can offer and also all the expected equipment of a quality hotel and a luxury holiday.

“What do you expect to find a “glampist? “

The glamping client demands a minimum level of quality and expects to find the following:

    • Something unique, above all, look for unique experiences, unforgettable memories to share with your friends and family.
    • A real bed with a comfortable mattress and luxury bedding.
    • A splendid lighting and electrical connection. Proper lighting can help create romantic and magical spaces.
    • A private bathroom with a hot shower is the most differentiating element that will provide that level of comfort needed and where special soaps, aromas, bathrobes or other accessories that make this space cozier can be included.
    • A “Hot Tub” (Jacuzzi) outside is a way to offer a 5-star experience with a romantic evening under the stars.
    • Luxury food items and select beverages. Forget the combination dishes and chips. A glamping experience should offer a wide selection of products where you can enjoy local cuisine, tastings or wine tastings, organic food or a glass of champagne enjoying the jacuzzi.
    • Specific program for glamping. Many of these new customers have not yet experienced a camping experience before so they will need a little inspiration to choose their activities.

All of them are essential elements, however differentiating with other extras will make the experience much more unforgettable (soft and fluffy cushions, curtains, fluffy towels, aromas, etc.).

What are the advantages of glamping as a business ?

It attracts a new type of clients from the tourist and hotel industry that, together with the possibility of extending the tourist season, increases the income potential of both new and existing campsites. It offers the possibility of differentiating itself in the tourist market with ecological solutions and respectful of the environment. This, together with the fact that it is a rising trend, attracts new customers. Glamping is able to extend the tourist season due to its better facilities and heated rooms. Also end users or tourists can benefit from a greater offer, better facilities and an opportunity to enjoy luxury vacations in nature without great discomforts. In addition, glamping is the latest trend in tourism.

“Bell tents (flared tents)”

Inspired by the solutions of the American military camps of the s. XIX A model widely used in multiple glamping sites due to its ease of installation, a central pillar holds the textile cover. It is a similar model to the Indian stores and that can present similar problems. The exterior appearance is that of a large tent.

“Gypsy caravans or Gypsy caravans”

Originally small homes pulled by horses and used by nomadic gypsies. The design has been adapted for the needs of tourism. As glamping becomes more popular, new accommodation typologies emerge that aim to offer new experiences with more or less success. It can be said that there is a typology for each one of us.

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