The Solution is in the glamping

Today there is a demand for all those romantics, nature lovers and urban escapists who cannot find in the campsites what they are looking for. The solution is in the “glamping”. Most people are attracted to nature and we are overwhelmed by an extraordinary landscape or a unique place. However, not all of us are prepared to enjoy it without a certain level of comfort, or to spend time preparing the campsite with all the preparations that this entails.

“What is glamping and how is it different from camping? “

Glamping, also known as “glamorous camping” (glamorous camping), offers a luxurious experience in nature with the comfort of a 5-star hotel. Actually, glamping has a lot to do with camping, it’s about eliminating your discomforts and making it more comfortable. But that’s not all, glamping is not only about spending time in nature but also enjoying facilities and services that offer unique experiences in nature with an associated luxury that eliminates all the inconveniences of traditional camping. The glamping redefines the campsite to offer an unforgettable experience that respects the environment and a high level of quality. For this reason, it is also known as “boutique camping”, with all the advantages that camping can offer and also all the expected equipment of a quality hotel and a luxury holiday.

“What do you expect to find a “glampist? “

The glamping client demands a minimum level of quality and expects to find the following:

    • Something unique, above all, look for unique experiences, unforgettable memories to share with your friends and family.
    • A real bed with a comfortable mattress and luxury bedding.
    • A splendid lighting and electrical connection. Proper lighting can help create romantic and magical spaces.
    • A private bathroom with a hot shower is the most differentiating element that will provide that level of comfort needed and where special soaps, aromas, bathrobes or other accessories that make this space cozier can be included.
    • A “Hot Tub” (Jacuzzi) outside is a way to offer a 5-star experience with a romantic evening under the stars.
    • Luxury food items and select beverages. Forget the combination dishes and chips. A glamping experience should offer a wide selection of products where you can enjoy local cuisine, tastings or wine tastings, organic food or a glass of champagne enjoying the jacuzzi.
    • Specific program for glamping. Many of these new customers have not yet experienced a camping experience before so they will need a little inspiration to choose their activities.

All of them are essential elements, however differentiating with other extras will make the experience much more unforgettable (soft and fluffy cushions, curtains, fluffy towels, aromas, etc.).

What are the advantages of glamping as a business ?

It attracts a new type of clients from the tourist and hotel industry that, together with the possibility of extending the tourist season, increases the income potential of both new and existing campsites. It offers the possibility of differentiating itself in the tourist market with ecological solutions and respectful of the environment. This, together with the fact that it is a rising trend, attracts new customers. Glamping is able to extend the tourist season due to its better facilities and heated rooms. Also end users or tourists can benefit from a greater offer, better facilities and an opportunity to enjoy luxury vacations in nature without great discomforts. In addition, glamping is the latest trend in tourism.

“Bell tents (flared tents)”

Inspired by the solutions of the American military camps of the s. XIX A model widely used in multiple glamping sites due to its ease of installation, a central pillar holds the textile cover. It is a similar model to the Indian stores and that can present similar problems. The exterior appearance is that of a large tent.

“Gypsy caravans or Gypsy caravans”

Originally small homes pulled by horses and used by nomadic gypsies. The design has been adapted for the needs of tourism. As glamping becomes more popular, new accommodation typologies emerge that aim to offer new experiences with more or less success. It can be said that there is a typology for each one of us.

What is your favorite glamping

What is your favorite glamping?

Although glamping is a new way to practice luxury tourism in nature, its origins go back hundreds of years. From the nomadic peoples in Mongolia with their “Yurts”, passing through the Indian settlements of North America and their Indian stores to the safari tents and the explorers of the National Geographic Society of the 19th century, mainly in Africa. This nostalgia for the past and the unlived adventures has led to glamping, a form of tourism in which for a few days we can experience nature with all the comforts and luxury. Therefore, there are multiple types of glamping accommodations, some examples:

“Wooden Pods”

Traditionally they were shelters of mountain or shepherds. Nowadays, there are usually small cabins perfectly isolated, with electrical connections, a good bed and the necessary comforts to enjoy a true glamorous experience in nature. They have the advantage that they can be used during the four seasons of the year and that wood is a natural and ecological material that integrates very well in nature.

“Cloth accommodations or safari tents:”

First used in Africa to offer a large accommodation space and a safe place in the middle of nature. Designed for very hot climates favoring ventilation. The constructions are simple and the luxury is provided by the furniture and accessories.


They are cloth shops supported by a wooden framework. Rounded shape. It is a typology imported from the nomadic peoples of Asia and taken out of context. It is a very widespread solution in the world of glamping because it is a cheap solution that offers a large interior space.

“Tipis or Indian stores”

Developed by the American Indians in the s. XIX to favor their nomadic way of life. The design includes a central chimney to place a bonfire in the center. They are very easy to transport and a very fun and attractive solution especially for children. However, they present functional difficulties to reach the level of luxury and comfort expected in glamping (absence of soil, difficulty in positioning a bed, heating problems, etc).

“Tree houses”

Used since ancient times throughout the world as housing, shelter, as a sign of protest or recreational space. The tree-houses awaken in people feelings that take us back to childhood and make us dream, while at the same time provoking that irresistible and ancestral desire to access a high point where we feel safe and can enjoy a good view. That is why it is a model that fits very well in the concept of glamping.

“Domes or geodesic domes”

They are a modern variant extending from Chilean Patagonia to the mountains of Switzerland. They offer a large interior space and the possibility of seeing the stars at bedtime. It is not an economical solution if you want to offer a good view of the environment (glazed vault) at the same time you can control the interior temperature.

“Bell tents (flared tents)”

Inspired by the solutions of the American military camps of the s. XIX A model widely used in multiple glamping sites due to its ease of installation, a central pillar holds the textile cover. It is a similar model to the Indian stores and that can present similar problems. The exterior appearance is that of a large tent.

“Gypsy caravans or Gypsy caravans”

Originally small homes pulled by horses and used by nomadic gypsies. The design has been adapted for the needs of tourism. As glamping becomes more popular, new accommodation typologies emerge that aim to offer new experiences with more or less success. It can be said that there is a typology for each one of us.




To Set A Trend Is A New Trend.


Treehouse is everyone’s fantasy, at some point of life everyone wanted a treehouse. Treehouse resort business is taking a boom. India itself has more than 7 Treehouse resorts, perfect destination for weekend wanderers and peaceful holidays. It has great scope because of fantasy, peace, nature, luxury in jungle, ecofriendly, wild, adventure, dream, silence, pollution free, something new after camping and trekking in this niche. Proper planning and marketing can lead this business to heights with best margins and profits (after food and cloth business). After doing a lot of study on business plans for resort, types of treehouse and their feasibility, I can assure you if you have money around…… to invest and are looking to invest in hospitality business, Go for it.

“What is Treehouse resort?”

Let me draw a picture for you. Treehouse resort is an outstation place in jungle area with greenery, rocks, and flowers all around. These treehouses are luxury camps installed upon trees, might be approached with rope bridges or ladder. Treehouses will have a small porch and a covered inner area with bed. Open porch will have a table and two relaxing chair to sit and stare stars in the sky at night or have evening snacks and tea or for morning stretches and yawns. Covered inner area has a neat bed facing towards one side open wall, giving a beautiful view of surroundings. The open wall of treehouse can be closed at night.

“However, there are questions:”

  • Is this business Right for me?
  • Who will be target audience?
  • How Treehouse resort make money?
  • Does Treehouse resort has growth potential?
  • Requirements to open a Treehouse Resort other than money?
  • What type of Treehouse to choose?
  • How much is the investment?
  • How to do promotion & marketing of a Treehouse resort?

“Is this business Right for me? “

Is this business Right for me?

If you are a person who

  • Love to try new ideas
  • Love nature
  • Open to big ideas.
  • Looking for new Ideas
  • Can maintain staff
  • Is creative
  • Have knowledge of hospitality
  • And have around 3,00,00,000 INR to invest. Then you are the right guy.

Who will be target audience?

People looking for

  • Weekend outing
  • Business outings
  • Summer holidays
  • Winter holidays
  • Honeymoon destination
  • College guys, job, family people
  • Adventure, peace, wildlife lovers
  • Artists
  • luxury and nature lovers

How Treehouse Resort Makes Money?

Allowing people to stay and offer complete accommodation including food. Add-ons like spa, massage, mud bath and adventure activities like rope course, Adventure tower, Swimming pool etc. Give them luxury in wild and bang you have the best business to do.

Does Treehouse Resort Has Growth Potential?

Everyone is accepting the weekend culture. People are looking for camping, and hiking stuffs. They are bored of going to pubs and disco. They want something new. Camping is new for them, but you can give them something new in camping itself. There is a great demand places to relax and enjoy

  • Low cost, peaceful, luxurious and high returns
  • Great expectations for growth in this industry
  • Present competition is very less.
  • You can always add adventure activities to your resort.
  • Increase the luxury level of resorts.


Requirements To Open A Treehouse Resort?

    • Land in jungle with, big trees. Perfect location is hills land or area where summer is not a problem. Like, Mumbai, Pune, Goa, Bangalore
    • 8 treehouse – for accommodation
    • 2 base camp – for group activities and restaurant.
    • 2 safari tents – for group stay, and on-land stay
    • Big pool or better if you have a river side land ( but river can give security issues)
    • Some basic construction for staff, kitchen, sanitation, leveling of land
    • Furniture, crockery, lights, beddings, and other hospitality stuff
    • Light and water arrangement
    • Fencing and concrete wall fence for safety
    • Skilled and unskilled staff.
    • Marketing
    • Security
    • Registration and legal issues
    • Architect
    • Transportation and stock

*** I will put the source of buying all these stuff at the bottom of the article.

Requirements to open a Treehouse Resort other than money?

  • Knowledge of hospitality industry
  • Knowledge of jungle and wild nature.
  • Dedication and politeness
  • Customer relationship development and maintenance.
  • Maintenance
  • Space…..good amount of space with healthy trees.

What type of Treehouse to choose?

Treehouse camps: I would suggest to go with latest luxury tents. These tree house tents are easy to customize, install and are made professionally for this purpose only. Tree house tents are better choice. Wooden custom treehouse: They have low maintenance, long life, better technology and high safety. Traditional wooden treehouse needs high maintenance, only one time installation is possible, less safe, short life.

“How much is the investment?”

  1. Land: After researching a lot I found out that out of town, jungle lands are quite cheap and easily available, can be taken on lease too because most of your stuff will be portable.
    1-2 Acre of land in Goa 60 lakh and in hilly areas like Uttarakhand 20 lakh.
  2. Tree house: This is where the main investment is needed. But it is nothing in comparison to Concrete resort. Treehouse tent cost = 8 unit x 7,50,000 INR=INR 60,00,000 (+7,20,000 lakh GST)
    Eight Treehouse in sixty lakhs
  3. 2 Safari Tent: Without compromising the luxury and focusing weather conditions too. = 2 units x 2,30,000 INR = INR 4,60,000 (+1,28,800 GST)
    Two Safari Tent In Four Lakh Sixty Thousand. 
  4. 2 Base Camp: = 2 units x 3,80,000 INR = INR 7,60,000 (+2,12,800 GST)Two Base Camp In Seven Lakh Sixty Thousand.
  5. Big pool : Above ground INR 1,50,000 – 2,30,000 (+ GST) Small pool for hilly area. Can be taken 2 or more (max 3 lakh)*These are the rates for best quality Intex pools
  6. Basic Construction work as mentioned above in requirement section Maximum 30 lakh even if you give personal Jacuzzi in bathrooms. (I have mentioned too much for this. According to my calculation will go till 20 Lakh).
    Furniture: Approximately 35 lakh
    20 Chairs for tents
    Sofa for base camp
    Dining table s with chairs for restaurant
    For other use wooden logs can be used
    10 queen sized beds and 2 single beds for tent
  7. Crockery: Approximately 1 lakh
  8. Lights ,water and other stuff 5 lakh max
  9. Fencing and concrete walls for safety: 7 lakhs maximum You have to check the market price of below mentioned stuff. Consider it 30 lakh (may vary)
  10. Skilled and unskilled staff:
  11. Marketing
  12. Security
  13. Registration and legal issues
  14. Architect
  15. Transportation and stock
    Total= INR 2.1 – 3 Crore (This is including GST and big margins)*Actual amount of investment will be less.

What should be the charges for customers?

You can charge around INR 20,000-30,000 per treehouse for two including food charges, and some activities. These charges are for one day for two persons. If you can get 80 bookings a month, you get 60 x (20,000 – 30,000)

Total monthly turnover = INR 12,00,000 – 18,00,000

Total yearly turnover = INR 1.44 – 2.16 Crore Rupees

Give them a package, because they don’t have other options once they reach your resort. So, they should not get the feeling of taking advantage. You can earn more with drinks, other activities and customizations.


How Much Will Be The Running Cost Of Treehouse Resort?

    • Staff – of around 35 people including chef, helpers, waiters, support , security, cleaning, manager – INR 6,00,000
    • Water & electricity INR 50,000 – 1,00,000
    • Food INR 1,00,000 ( for staff also)
    • Transportation INR 50,000
    • Basic amenities INR 30,000
    • Marketing INR 30,000
    • Repair (if any) and maintenance INR 10,000

Total- INR 8,50,000 – 9,00,000
*I have given quality and luxury priority here.
Monthly Profit = INR 3,50,000 – 9,00,000
Yearly Profits= INR 42 lakh – 1.1 Crore
In 3 years you will get back your complete investment, and then profits…..profits.


How To Do Promotion & Marketing Of A Treehouse Resort?

  • News conference
  • Tie-ups with travel and tour service apps.
  • Organizing an event, and invite for free big business personalities and famous personalities.
  • Social media marketing.
  • Blogging

What Will Help To Keep The Customers Coming Back?

  • Be bold but polite
  • Give your customers, great experience before they arrive
  • Give away seasonal sales and goodies to every customer.
  • Keep your social media presence active.
  • Be responsive.
  • Kill them with kindness.
  • Give your best service.
  • Give out surprises.
  • Keep cameras ready.

Everyone is in search of something new, enjoying and something to make them hits in their social circle. This idea has 100% potential.

How And When To Build A Team?

You need two types of teams one is skilled, for hospitality and unskilled for instant other works. Hire likeminded professional people. It’s better to take help from some recruiting and staffing agency. Keep them involved and give them the taste of luxury too. Happy staff is the base of happy customers.

A tip for you: Make it a Full Package thing. I mean luxury, new experience, entertainment, adventure and “I want to go once more there” kind of thing – all in one resort. This is the key to success of European market hospitality business.

Legal:Incorporate your business through your city or state offices, and request an employer identification number from the IRS so you can apply for all of the permits, licenses and other regulatory aspects that may be necessary. Depending on the location of the resort and the laws of the city or country, you might be required to maintain a business license and submit an application for permission to run a resort location. If you plan to offer additional services, such as a restaurant or spa, you will need to apply for additional permits and licenses as necessary. Set up a business checking account with payment services, and consult with a tax accountant for assistance setting up budgets and tax payment as a resort business.